Using Custom Images in Meeting Attendance

You can easily integrate your own images into the app, replacing portrait and landscape backgrounds in addition to form images.

Right-click on the thumbnails, below, and save images to your downloads folder for a layered .psd template to help create your own background, using the template as a guide for optimal placement of your logo.


You can transfer your custom images onto the device via iCloud, by emailing them, or through File Sharing in iTunes.

Emailing Images
Email your attached images to be received on the device. Open the email on the device, tap and hold on the image to get a popup menu that will include the option Save Image. When you select this option, the image will be saved into the Camera Roll or Saved Photos on the device.

Once you have your images on the device, tap the Kiosk button on the main screen, and tap the Customize button. Select the Custom Images tab. The images currently in use are displayed. To change an image, tap the Select Image button next to the image you wish to replace. Choose the image from your Saved Photos. Tap Save to save the settings.

Your Images using File Sharing
To change images using File Sharing, connect your device to your computer, open iTunes and select the device name, then navigate to the Apps tab. Scroll to File Sharing at the bottom, and click on Attendance in the list of apps. You can drag your replacement files directly to the area labeled Attendance Documents.

Image Sizes
Custom images must be in PNG format and must meet exact specifications, or be rejected by the system:

  • Portrait Background: 1536x2048 pixels per inch for retina display, 768x1024 for non-retina display
  • Landscape Background: 2048x1536 pixels per inch for retina display, 1024x768 for non-retina display
  • Forms: 1134x780 pixels per inch for retina display, 567x390 for non-retina display

Image Naming
When transferring images with File Sharing in iTunes, your files must be named exactly as follows to be recognized by the app:

  • Portrait Background: backgroundPortrait@2x.png for retina display, backgroundPortrait.png for non-retina display.
  • Landscape Background: backgroundLandscape@2x.png for retina display, backgroundLandscape.png for non-retina display.
  • Attendee Top Form: formtop@2x.png for retina display, formtop.png for non-retina display
  • Attendee Bottom Form: formbottom@2x.png for retina display, formbottom.png for non-retina display

Once you add custom images, they will override the equivalent theme images until the custom ones are removed. Remove the custom images by tapping the Remove All Custom Images button located on the Custom Images tab, or delete them from File Sharing in iTunes.

If you are using the old-format, single-background image, this format is still supported, but removing it and transitioning to separate portrait and landscape images is recommended.